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Larp: The Apocalypse Agenda

by Martin Jones, Emory Cunnington, Tony Mitton, Max de Vries, Ann de Vries Working in an organisation dedicated to preventing the apocalypse can be complicated. If you are not spending your time stopping something really, really bad from happening, you're dealing with the insanities of Health and Safety assessments. Sometimes in the middle of it all you try to find time to be yourself, perhaps snatch a little joy, or spend some time to reflect on those you have lost. A character-focused game with very few mechanics. Structurally the game is separated into several acts designed to portray the arc of a threat to humanity, while also leaving time for players to deal with the interpersonal situations that their characters find themselves in. Warnings: This game involves some adult content (e.g. sexual references, wartime massacres, the loss of loved ones, tax returns.) May contain small traces of Humour. Not all characters will survive this game. Character sheets are expected to be around 8 sides of A4.
6 to 12 players