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Run October 5-8, 2017 in Joshua Tree, CA


Immerton is the place where these goddesses of Creation, Destruction, Reclamation, and Fortification reside, where they watch and teach, a place pilgrims and seekers discover, a place alive with the four forces. Here, the goddesses Innara, Ellishara, Rahdira, and Tohtma hold court, and maintain the balance of energies to sustain consciousness and the physical world.

Immerton sends its acolytes out into the various physical planes, where they heal, gather, teach, and defend. They are powerful women, but the physical world makes them weary. Immerton exists to give them respite, sisterhood, solidarity, and sustenance.

Immerton is a place of celebration, of the small daily miracles that enchant and sustain us, of the communal contributions, of the overcoming of obstacles: physical, mental, and spiritual. It is a place where each member is seen, celebrated, and understood.

Immerton does not demand conformity; it welcomes diversity. There is no singular woman. Women are large, multitudinous, voluminous, gloriously varying, all connected through aspects of their consciousness to and through Immerton.

A few weeks ago, Immerton was rocked by an event in another universe. An energetic pulse shattered Immerton’s sacred totem and we have lost our ability to connect to the multiverse, to move between space and time. Our souls and bodies are tethered to this world, to Earth, and this location. We have called our acolytes from across the diaspora to gather in Immerton to restore our sacred society. Immerton has given to you; now, you must give to Immerton.

Immerton was created by a diverse range of talented women and run as a Learn Larp event. See more here: