Revolving Door Afterlife Lobby
@ noon
RPI, Troy, NY, USA

Run at Time Bubble 2017


The world has been saved, but at a great cost. Some of the mightiest heroes of the land (along with some villains who understood that oblivion would render their rule irrelevant) sacrificed themselves to turn the tide. The world shall eternally mourn this loss. But whats this? Such grand souls can't just simply move on to the next realm. Of course there must be special processing for such special individuals. And some of them might even get the chance to return to the living and do more good... Err... Do more something. Not all of the divine are of the light.

"Revolving Door Afterlife Lobby" is a 2 hour, mechanics light game about dead superheroes and villains appealing to a rather odd assortment of gods to be given a second chance at life or at least make sure any unfinished business is taken care of (and seeing as some of their closest allies and greatest enemies are right there and also dead... now might be a good time)