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Larp: Mystery and Murder in Dr. Lucky's Mansion


by Elisabeth Cohen and Michael Von Korff.

You have just received an invitation to the engagement party of that singularly brilliant nuclear physicist, J. Robert Lucky. Of course you can't stand the man; Dr. Lucky is every bit as obnoxious as he is brilliant, and it's quite impossible to endure his company for more than ten minutes without wanting to kill him. Nevertheless, there's no doubt in your mind that you will attend. Lucky is an important man--a man of influence, not to mention a celebrity--and invitations to his legendary country home do not come easily. Between Dr. Lucky's extraordinary connections and his peculiar sense of humor, it is certain to be an electrifying evening for all in attendance.

Dr. Lucky is a fast-paced comedic murder mystery game in the style of Clue and Kill Dr. Lucky. Game-play includes secrets, powers, light puzzle-solving, and possible player-character fatalities. The occasional serious theme is played for laughs; the casting questionnaire will allow players to opt out of those plots if they wish.

12-player maximum