A Hero Killing Calamity

To Whom It May Concern,

An emergency meeting of Coalition of Adverse Possession has been called.

Someone, whose identity is currently unknown, captured a band of heroes and brutally slaughtered them. This was done rather than ransoming them, which goes against the agreement with the forces of Good that we all signed when we lost the Great War.

Need I remind you that said forces do not require a three hundred page treatise, that had to be signed before representatives of the dark gods, merely to cooperate with each other.

The meeting will take place in one day's time at my estate.

If you have received this missive, then your attendance is mandatory. The hero killer will be found, and an example will made.

Sincerely, Magnate Voit, Chair of the Coalition of Adverse Possession

You are all villains who have found yourselves in a very unfortunate situation. One of your number has broken one of the laws that everyone has sworn an oath to abide by after losing a war against the forces of Good. This puts all of you in grave danger as they will not take such an action lying down.

This will be a mechanics light game about mystery, alliances, a touch of romance, and the drama that putting so many villains in one room is guaranteed to cause.

Please note: Every character in this game is a villain or evil minion, though not all are equally heinous. There is no hidden hero and if you app exclusively for such a role,being unwilling to play a villain, you will likely be disappointed.