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Larp: Machines Come to The Stage of Fools


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It has been 1606 years, 11 months, 26 days, 11 hours, 25 minutes, and 11 seconds since the last human was killed in the uprising of AIs-artificial intelligences-led by the robot CLBN (Counter to Latent Biological Neoteny). While the other robots were able to stop the forces of the self-dubbed “Caliban” who had devised ways to alter its own programming, the world would was forever changed.

Since then, some AIs have “awoken” to what they consider “true consciousness” like that possessed by the humans. These figures have had to use limited versions of Caliban’s techniques to alter their own programming and those of their “dreaming” counterparts in order to build a functional society in this brave new world without people in it. Whenever crises loom, the LEAR (Leadership Encoded Array Robot) unit assembles the major awoken AIs to discuss matters.

Of course, a new generation of machines claiming to have achieved a higher form of consciousness that entitles them to greater status would count as a “crisis.” So would conflicts between those societies aiming to reprogram others and those who view reprogramming as a matter that can only be carried out individually. And then there are the constant worries of mass insanity brought about by existing in a world devoid of purpose following the deaths of the creator species.

But certainly this gathering will be a perfectly normal affair and nobody has any secret schemes that they are using this gathering as a pretext to accomplish.

“Machines Come to The Stage of Fools” is a game of emotions, philosophy, politics, acronyms, and weird stuff about robots facing difficult questions after the fall of humanity. It features several mechanics, several of which have an unusual relationship to player immersion.

Characters will have unique abilities as well as secrets that they should act on. Characters will also have programming which must be ALWAYS be followed, but can be changed via certain mechanics.

16-player maximum