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Larp: It Happened This Way


War, war is Hell. Christmas is worse. It's probably Grandpa's last Christmas, just like the last five years. Uncle Bill's been hitting the Nog again. Ned from accounting is probably going to get that promotion you've been waiting for. Molly brought her new boyfriend, the one with all the tatoos and piercings. The backdoor is swinging in the wind again because you took the doorstop/fruitcake and wrapped it yet again. Aunt Matilda brought her annoying dog Pookie. The potatoes are lumpy, the Tree is lopsided, and Santa's beard is as fake as your smile. Merry Flippin Christmas. "It Happened This Way" is a game about Christmas Cheer, Egg Nog, and the capricious nature of memory. Join your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers in a Christmas Party to remember.

10 to 30 players