Larp: A Place Where Dragons Dream


by Zovi McEntee

Dragons with interest in archaic lore Will often read books and horns of yore With mention of things called dreams which breathe A notion of fantasy into sleep And until now, there was no way For them to experience such a play Of mental plots with slumbering sense And possible bouts of significance But word has spread from mind to mind That there's a place dragons could find To finally partake in dreams So quite far-fetched, or so it seemed To many dragons it was odd So to the temple few would trod On claw, not wing, far underground Created by one freshly crowned And they would sleep as dragons do, So planned that winged chosen few Who gather there this very night Some with boldness, some with fright For they are on the cusp of finding Strange paths through themselves so winding--

Dragons are more than their scales Armored flesh so very frail Their own selves can make them pale As they embark upon this tale...

A Place Where Dragons Dream is an original theatrical all-dragon LARP for seven dragons written by Zovi McEntee, who is also a dragon. Players will be asked to remove their humanity and insert themselves into mythical beings faced with challenges to their perception and souls.

Please be warned that, however draconian they may be, the issues presented often deal with intense emotions, romance, and very many kinds of grief, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Here Be Dragons Dreaming.

7-player maximum