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Larp: In Adakias' Shadow


by Adrien Kemper

"Place your hand on mine, one last time, and kiss me goodbye. Take the love inside my mind, before I die."

Once upon a time, there was O the Scientist, and he, with his angels built the world, only for it to be destroyed in a rampage by one of their own. And thus, the world was split in two.

Once upon a time, there was an Oracle, who spoke of two young people, one from the dark and one from the light, who would fall in love and tear down the barriers that separated their worlds.

Once upon a time, there was a boy from the dark and a girl from the light, and they fell in love, and together the prophesy was to be fulfilled.

But then the boy was killed.

"This is the beginning and the end..."

In Adakias' Shadow is a eight person theatrical LARP written by Adrien Kemper about mourning, justice, forgiveness, duty, true love, angels, spiders, creation, and what people do when faced with the repercussions of terrible decisions. It is based on a very weird, very filled with plot holes concept album by Forgive Durden called Razia's Shadow. It is heavy on emotional content, and fairly light on mechanics, with some mature themes.

The plot revolves around a funeral, and the characters brought together by the death of the prophesied boy. There are world-changing decisions, in every sense of the word.

8-player maximum