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Larp: Goats 'n' Scapes

In this parlor LARP, donors of GoatCam, a charity that puts cameras on goats, gather on a cruise liner to wheel & deal, betray & blackmail, & maybe get a chance to see their favorite goat. GoatCam is a charity, which puts cameras on goats. Its donors are philanthropists and animal lovers, who pay a lot of money to see what those goats are up to. They gather tonight on the Infinite Jest, a luxury cruise liner. It is 2015, the Year of the Goat (or was it the Sheep?) and funds must be raised for those poor animals. Rare curiosities will be auctioned to the highest bidder. The ruthless social elite and corrupt power brokers will wheel and deal. The glamorous will betray the notorious. And maybe there will be one or two people who just like goats. [In this a parlor LARP players take on unique roles in a scenario brimming with intrigue. Talk to other players and figure out who your friends and enemies are. Keep your secrets or confide in an ally to gain their trust. Only the starting conditions are set in stone. What happens next and how it all turns out is entirely up to you.]
19-player maximum