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Larp: The House on Malvern Hill


Virginia, 1861. “Was there ever message sweeter Than that one from Malvern Hill, From a grim old fellow,-you remember? Dying in the dark at Malvern Hill.” The war came, of course, and so there was dying. But before that was the house, the grand old manor, the dogwoods and the dreams and the hot southern nights. Built by the Allertons, fresh off the boat from England, standing for over 200 years. Malvern House. And a party. The last on Malvern Hill. So wear your finest, and take the old Willis Church Road, just up past the Mellert farm, and the Carter farm. See for yourself the glorious manor, the bluff overlooking the James. And find out for yourself why death came to Malvern Hill long before the war ever did.

30-player maximum