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Larp: Stranger Things: The Campout


What lurks in the forest near Hawkins Indiana? Young outcasts took a dare to spend all night in a tent while older kids party in the Old Hampstead Cabin. Will they live to tell a totally wicked tale?

The forest outside of Hawkins Indiana hides an old abandoned hunting cabin. Yellow crime scene tape is draped across the door hanging there to keep out trespassers or to protect them. A few teenagers have heard stories, but no one really knows what happened there so many years ago… Was a there a murder? A fight? Some say the cabin is haunted - some say the woods are haunted. A dare was made. A party planned. This weekend, some kids are going to head out to the old Hampstead cabin for a good time and a better scare. Deep in the forest where things crawl and hunt in the night, things may not go according to plan.

30-player maximum