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Larp: Crisis At Candy Castle

baniszew and k_beth
Fifteen years after the heroic Candy Kids first foiled Lord Licorice's fiendish plot, something again is rotten in the Land of Candy. The glorious Castle Candy disappeared once again, leading to concerns about the security of the Kingdom. While Queen Frostine desperately tried to import ice to keep the Sea from spoiling and Jolly's gumdrop mountains began to dry and crumble, the Candy Kids were called upon to repeat their noble deeds of legend. As the Kids neared the end of the Rainbow Path, weary denizens of Candyland made their way into the Castle, anticipating celebration and the rejuvenation of the recently decaying realm. The Kids, dazed, came through the castle doors, but the Castle refused to change. King Kandy remains missing and the Castle is dark and empty. Then the doors and windows locked...
21 to 23 players