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Larp: Fool’s Gambit

by Matt Swain Helsinki, Finland: August 1968. The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (which history will remember as the starting point for the SALT I treaty) are being planned. High level diplomats from the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc are meeting with their counterparts from NATO to determine the extent of the upcoming talks. Everything and everyone is not as they seem, however. There are spies, suspected double agents, and under the table deals to be done. In addition, talks are planned to discuss the mysterious disappearance of no less than four submarines in the last 8 months, from all invited nations. Can you secure the best negotiating position for your country for the upcoming talks? And more importantly, what will it cost you – and your nation – to obtain that position? A 28 player larp in the vein of the spy novels of John Le Carre (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, A Most Wanted Man, the Night Manager) and movies such as “Bridge of Spies”, “The Recruit” and “Spy Game”. A slow burn game of immense personal risk, set in the bleakness of the Cold War.
28-player maximum