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Larp: Over There (We Were Heros)


(Information from playtest) You all were in high school, and then your lives changed. A portal opened and you fell through to an amazing and terrible world of magic and dueling kingdoms with no way back. The world Over There needed heroes, so heroes you became.

Seven years you spent there, growing and striving to save that magical realm from the evils that threatened it. You grew up. You built relationships and lives. You planned your futures.

And then another portal opened and you weren’t even given a choice. You blinked and you were back exactly where and when you had left. Seven years gone. You were teenagers again, back in high school, back in normal, uneventful lives.

At first, you tried to remain friends. But, while the others were the only people who could ever understand what you’d experienced, they were also living reminders of everything and one you’d lost. So you drifted, only coming back together each year for the anniversary. But then college and jobs and life had to move on. You’ve not all been together in the same place for the past six years. Some of you haven’t even spoken since the last get together.

But this anniversary is different. This is your ten year anniversary. Ten years since your leaving and return. So when the Facebook invite was shared, each of you agreed.

Are you ready to reconnect and remember that time you were a hero?

6 to 8 players