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Larp: The Pinnata Castra


The trip was to take weeks...then the FTL failed. Those who couldn't be put into cold sleep faced 40 years of travel across empty space. And now the murders. Can you stop the killings? Do you want to? A trip between the stars, a few short weeks to a far-flung outpost of humanity. That was before the FTL failed. Most of the passengers could be put into cold sleep, but hundreds could not. Those unfortunates could look forward to 40 years of travel across dark, empty space. But humans persevere. A city was built within the ship, jobs given out, an economy established, food grown. Life would go on. And then the murders started. And the rumors of alien your destination, and onboard. Can you keep the ship together? How about just your own sanity? Reserve characters once you have your ticket, costumes encouraged but not required. A portion of the ticket proceeds will benefit Gamers for Humanity. A BYOV Tragedy.

24-player maximum