Young Commandoes in Love
@ 10 a.m.

Intercon E

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

"The game is called Young Wizards in Love, not Young Commandoes in Love. It's a game of romance and magic, not a game of combat and firepower. Hence, the combat rules are simple, uncomplicated, and completely unfair."

-- From the 'Young Wizards in Love' rule book

You are members of an elite task force sent in to bring a final end to a bloody and costly war. The odds against you are overwhelming, but then again, they always are in these kinds of games. GM-sanctioned live combat only.

'Young Commandoes' is a half-hour vignette for five players. We will be running the game twice per session. Players in one run will be asked to play cannon fodder... I mean, NPC for the other run.