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Larp: Three Nations


War. War is Hell. Diplomacy is worse. The forces of Ustonia, Papyrustan, and Several Independent Socialist Republics have long warred with each other. Rumors and spies abound, carrying information that each of these nations is secretly on the verge of completing a devastating Doomsday Weapon. All three Nations have arranged an international peace summit only due to the recognized threat of Mutually Assured Destruction.

What treachery lurks in the minds of foreign diplomats and generals, the highest officials of your ancient enemies? Will you make a play for greatness and try to triumph over all, or is it truly time for peace? Will you make friends and influence people... or make enemies and manipulate friends? Will disaster be averted, or is the end of the World right around the corner?

An elaborate parody of the time honored Peace Summit LARP, from the same people that brought you Red Sun, Care Bears: Call of Cthulhu and FUNKANOMICON.

12 to 21 players