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by Michael Oldziej

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, DIRECT YOUR EYES TO THE CENTER RING! WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THIS SEASON OF WRESTLE MANIA! ALL THE GREATS ARE HERE TO COMPLETE FOR THAT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT! In Wrestle Mania, you take on the roles of people within a Wrestling enterprise, similar to the WWE, ut with one major difference: it's all REAL. Participate in the journey to Wrestlemania as: A Wrestler of your own design! A promoter to hype up the fights! Or even the Owner himself!

This comedic 4 hour LARP will allow you to take part in the bizarre wrestling world as the TV season goes on to the famed Wrestle Mania Tournament. However, things may not always go as they seem. This game will focus on the hype granted from matches, the underhanded deals made, the ambushes before and after a match by other wrestlers, and of course the scandals that arise throughout the season!

Wrestlers will have their own style, theme music, and 'out there' personalities (COMPLETE WITH DRAMATIC ENTRANCES). Each will have their own eccentric Finisher Move as well! The wrestler may sign with a promoter or a team and take the role of a Face (good guy), Heel (bad guy), or something in between!

Or will you be a Promoter?Who will increase the hype of their wrestlers!

Or will you be the Owner of the franchise, who is fighting to control his league from a new force trying to take over?!

Did we mention the fights are settled by Rock Em Sock Em Robots?!

The story will take place over the course of a Wrestling season ending with Wrestlemania, where only one can take home the belt! Each wrestler will also try to generate their own hype and complete their goals for on and off the camera! Stories include: Who will win the Belt? Why is this new drug "Pixi sticks" causing such a fuss? Are supernatural powers considered cheating?!? Why did Jimmy the Block die mysteriously last year right before the title match? Who will control the Wrestling League in the end?! And much more!

This game is for all ages, although some trigger warnings: Being yelled at, drug use, betrayal, violence.

While this game will be enhanced by knowledge and enjoyment of Pro Wrestling no prior experience to the genre is required to enjoy this game!

So join us for all the fun as we make our way to Wrestlemania!

18-player maximum