Larp: Silver Lines


In New York in 1889, a very special group of teammates comes together to solve the murder of a shipping magnate and learns that history isn't always purely a matter of the past. Blends the larp and tabletop forms.

By Phoebe Roberts


New York, New York, 1889. Downtown just before the turn of the century, a wealthy shipping magnate is found on the front steps of his brownstone with the back of his head smashed in. His valet Elias Legrand is immediately accused of the crime, but there are some who believe it’s only because he’s the closest black man in proximity. Faced with the enormous task of proving her father’s innocence, Elias’s daughter Dorothy finds herself at the center of a remarkable gang of sleuths. A former Scotland Yard police officer. The victim’s blue blooded daughter. A decorated Civil War hero who conducted on the Underground Railroad. And a highly-trained operative who was once the protégé of the greatest society avenger in the world. These five will bring their talents together to untangle the truth behind this shocking murder and discover how no matter how far you go, history can never be outrun.

Silver Lines is a four-hour mechanics-light roleplaying adventure that merges the open world and party dynamic of a tabletop game with the freedom and physicality of larp. Players take on the roles of the party members and embody them in physical scenarios, but interact with the world through the guidance of the GM. Contested actions are decided by GM fiat. Clue-gathering and deductive reasoning to solve the murder mystery is interwoven with personal plots between PCs and PCs and NPCs. This game is an experiment in bridging the features of the tabletop and live action roleplaying forms.

Mrs. Hawking universe, the setting of a series of steampunk plays, but knowledge of them is not necessary for enjoyment of the game. Content note for murder, racism, pregnancy, and stillbirth. For players 16 and older.

5 players