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Larp: Event Horizon


Twenty years after the end of the Homeworld War, the galaxy is once again poised on the brink of chaos. Fledgling governments fight for control while scoundrels and smugglers dart through the shadows. Archaeologists explore ancient temples, backed by corporations hoping to unlock the secrets of long-lost technologies. The founding of a new colony could mean a chance at peace, or it could be the spark that reignites the flames of war. The choices of the first to arrive will shape the future of the galaxy!


For one weekend, leave your life behind and join us in a new galaxy of adventure inspired by your favorite sci-fi movies, novels, TV shows, and games. Live Action Roleplaying (larping) is like improv theater with no audience, or like a movie where everyone gets to be a central character. There’s no script, but there are costumes, play-safe weapons, elaborate sets, and plenty of action-packed drama. Event Horizon will be light on mechanics, with no complicated rules or numbers to memorize, instead focusing on immersion and character interaction. Everyone is welcome – experienced larpers, those eager for their first trip to another world, and everyone in between.