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Larp: Tournament of the Roses


The Tournament of the Roses is a Medieval Fantasy LARP filled with intrigue, romance, mystery and action! With both pre-written and player written character spots available, this LARP offers opportunities for both new and experienced Players.


The traditional Tourney of the Roses takes place only once a year, and draws the best Knights from Cambria and Avalon, who compete for the Victor's crown. The winner of each bout is given a rose to present to their favoured from amongst the court, and it is said these roses possess magical properties.

This year, Tourney participants have the honour of fighting before not one, but two Queens. Her Majesty, Queen Eloise Pendragon of Avalon, and the young Queen Claudia Braidenburg of Cambria are both in attendance, and the atmosphere is electric. It is rumoured that Eloise is seeking a match for her brother, Prince Berengar, and Claudia herself is yet to seek a consort.

In addition, renowned philanthropist and gentleman adventurer, Lord Wentworth of Coxley, has returned from his adventures abroad and has brought with him a wealth of magical artifacts and ancient curiosities, which have the keenest minds of both kingdoms intrigued.

It is a beautiful summer day. Banners are flying, and sport, feasting and dancing await!