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Larp: The Breach Ball


by jaron peek

Malifaux is said to be many things: a wild frontier full of dangerous monsters with no love for humanity; a world of magic and mystery ripe for discovery; a place where even the wretched and desperate might find their fortune. Connected to Earth by the Breach of the Great Boundary, a tear in space now graced with a modern rail line carrying trains from America to Malifaux City itself, this brave new world of magic and opportunity is not for the faint of heart... but those who thrive there can come away rich indeed.

Tonight is the night of the annual Breach Ball, a soirée in the Governor General's own mansion where notable new arrivals of the last year are traditionally honoured. For those lucky enough to get an invitation - or to buy, blackmail or bully their way in - the Ball is also an excellent opportunity to mingle with some of the most influential people this side of the Breach.

Everyone attending is bound to have their own schemes and strategies in motion, and not all the monsters are easy to pick out of a crowd. Ultimately, whether you are one of the movers and shakers or one of the desperate folk of the frontier, one thing is certain in Malifaux...

Bad things happen.