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Larp: Cheesecake

by Alex Newman

Cheesecake is a simple, goal oriented game for 15-30 players. It involves over-the-top roleplay, girls in bathing suits, and maybe a car chase or two. Emphasis is on camp, not combat. No minors, please. Due to the adult nature of the game, a registered nurse will be on duty at all times.
In 1950s Souther California, no one turned out sex-ploitation films like Irving Klaw. Now, on a Wednesday afternoon, Irving is ready to turn out another one of his instant classics. For young secretaries turned starlets, this could be their big break. For Irving, this had better be a badly needed hit. The problem is, someone has alerted ALL of the locals (the local press, the local church group, and the local police) about Irving's new film. Will he get the film done in time? Will the whole crew be arrested? Or will the forces of smut triumph over the Self-Righteous Finger Pointing Witch-Hunting Nail-Biting Grouchy Old Poops of America ("The SRFPWHNBGIPOA - we know what's best for you!")?