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Larp: 1969: The Minx Club


First published in 1949, Foxcroft Magazine was the first mainstream US publication to mix artful nude photographs, progressive commentary, and literature for upscale men. While Frank Foxcroft’s hedonistic lifestyle, trendy manse, and Minx Clubs are a hallmark of the sophisticated businessman or cosmopolitan world traveller, much of the publication’s fascination comes from its flirtations with the world of bohemian arts and music. For the magazine’s twentieth anniversary, a group of the elite, and want-to-be elite, will gather at the New York Minx Club for a screening of America:1969 a film financed by Foxcroft and produced by a little known independent filmmaker. Madison Avenue executives and creatives, recording industry gliteratti, and American heroes will mix, more or less uncomfortably, with screen stars, writers, and artists.


1969: The Minx Club draws on the feel of shows like Mad Men and Pan Am, as well as elements drawn from the lives of figures like artist and filmmaker Andy Warhol, undercover Playboy Bunny and feminist Gloria Steinem, author Truman Capote, spy and socialite Gloria Guinness, “Chelsea Girl” and Model Edie Sedgwick, Publisher Hugh Hefner, Hostess and younger sister of Jackie Kennedy Lee Radziwill, Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, Performer Marianne Faithfull, advertising impresario George Lois, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, fashion icon Jean Shrimpton, and many others. We seek to capture the life and breath of the tipping point of the modern era.

The game will not feature real persons, though some characters may be loosely based on one or more historical figures. The production is intended to be in a Nordic roleplay style with focus on an immersive experience, and personal story as opposed to any criteria of "winning or losing." Motivations serve as drivers for character development, rather than goals. Players are asked to focus on a dramatic and collaborative approach to creating a collective story to attain an emotional and personal experience of a key transitional period in Western culture. There will be diegetic events and realizations throughout, but there is no "plot" or "goal" aside from processing and reacting to events that have happened in the past. Rather than traditional "sheets" character information will consist primarily of external documentary evidence about the characters, such as articles, and may contain conflicting interpretations which the player must resolve in their final depiction.

impossible to spoil
12 to 17 players