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Larp: Sound and Fury: Lament


Music is magic. There’s power there, a power that can be tapped by those sensitive to it, able to immerse themselves in the sound and the soul and draw forth the energies to fuel their magical will. It can strengthen resolve or ease the greatest pains. It can persuade and it can force. It can destroy and it can inspire. O’Malley’s Bar has been the center of the Red Right Hand for as long as most of you can remember, giving the coven a safe place to practice and develop music-based magical craft. Phonomancers, you are, and Gretchen was the strongest of you. She owned O’Malley’s as well as serving as head of the coven. That is, until she was found dead in her apartment last week.

Now the coven has gathered to celebrate Gretchen’s life and speculate on the circumstances of her death. More importantly there is a pressing need to figure out who will replace her as the ceremonial figurehead of the Red Right Hand. Worthiness and abilities will be challenged and secrets will be revealed.


Sound and Fury: Lament is a modern urban magic one-shot boffer game featuring moderate combat and intense roleplay. It is inspired by the works of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (specifically Phonogram and the Wicked + the Divine), Clive Barker’s Imajica, and China Mieville’s Kraken. Players will take on the roles of music-inspired “phonomancers” as they navigate a transition point in their coven’s history. Musical ability is not required, although being able to carry a tune or chant may aid player immersion. A passion for music is mandatory! Content will include themes of alcohol & drug use, murder, romance, lust, obsession, and music. 18+ only.

8 to 9 players