Group Date: Hogwarts Alumni Edition

Congratulations! It’s a Match (or possibly a Prophecy)! In Group Date: Hogwarts Alumni Edition, you will play two graduates of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry going on their first three dates. Apparently there is a mysterious soothsayer who runs a dating service for Hogwarts alumni. You don’t know too much about each other yet, but the spidery handwriting on the letter that you received assures you that the omens are very good for this match, and your futures have been foretold in the tea leaves. What could go wrong?

Group Date: Hogwarts Alumni Edition, is a freeform game for 4-9 people, that takes about two hours to play, including time for setting up and a short debrief.

The original version of Group Date has a particular mechanic by which it allows multiple people to collaboratively play a single person. Group Date: Hogwarts Alumni Edition does something similar, but with a more Hogwarts- themed conceit about the inside of human mind.

General knowledge of the Harry Potter universe, and especially the Hogwarts House system, is very helpful, but not required.

No content warnings are applicable. Players under 18 should contact the GMs before signup.