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Larp: Into The Woods

Once upon a time, you went walking in the woods. And it was scary and it was exciting and you met a Wolf! The Wolf wanted you to stay and play with them, but you ran away off the path and got lost. You've been walking ever since. You've been walking for a very long time.
This is a game about fear, desire, and encountering your own personal wolf. Oh, and getting lost in the woods. Game content will be somewhat mature (though not R18). The players will take the roles of Lost Children from a range of fairy tales who have become lost in the woods and are wandering together - this includes some adult characters. From time to time they will encounter the Wolf they ran away from, and try to find some resolution with them. Into the Woods is loosely inspired by The Path video game although its tone will be less horror-focused.
impossible to spoil
6 to 14 players