Larp: Stories in the Sanguine City


Once upon a time, there was a man with a great deal of power and very, very bad judgement. He was the cause and solution of most of Chicago's problems. Then he died. Now it's our turn.

There are a thousand stories in the sanguine city -- join us and help us tell a few. SSC is a LARP set in the Dresden Files universe, using a modified FATE accelerated system.


To the mundane world Chicago is known for a lot of interesting things: through the years, it has been a center of manufacturing and industry, technology and innovation, culture and art. It is in the perfect spot to be the beating heart of the country -- and it has been, in many ways.

To the supernatural world, from day goddamned one, Chicago has largely been known as a pain in the ass. Disruptive things always come from within, often extremely resistant to control from the powers that be. Scholars have often tried to puzzle through why the city seemed to breed such discord, but the general consensus has usually been 'just lucky, I guess'. The latest iterations of corruption and chaos are well known to the whole community:

· The Rise of Gentleman Johnny Marcone: he spearheaded the most intrusive push of mundane power into the supernatural world in the last century.

· The Creation of Paranet: the effective unionization of magic workers otherwise beneath the notice of the White Council. Unwilling to be used or forgotten any longer, they demand certain rights and responsibilities previously lost to them.

· The Destruction of the Red Court: the first mass extinction of an entire race of supernatural creatures in publically recorded history -- while the spell itself was cast elsewhere, the major players came from the Second City.

· The Life and Death of Warden Dresden: he was largely considered one of the most dangerous and potentially unstable wizards the White Council has ever allowed to walk the world, and he called this place his home. Now that he is gone, the calm is like a vaccuum.

2017 promises to be one of the most tumultuous years yet. In January, portents began to fly -- something great and terrible was happening beneath the surface. By February, every supernatural person and creature in the city was having memories and dreams unfamiliar to them. And in March, Gentleman Johnny Marcone invites a number of important individuals to join his Better Future Society, entrusting the fate of Chicago -- both supernatural and mudane -- to their skills and their ability to cooperate.