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Larp: It Will All End at Fourteen!

by Kathryn DiPippo The year is 2213. It has been 13 years since the Earth was engulfed in poison, burning trash, and green babies. A foreboding message from the world's leading scientist - a strange green-skinned humanoid chicken - warns that the universe will end itself at 14. In a last ditch effort to save humanity, a subset of the world's children were chosen to be sent into space while the chaos on Earth subsided. But after the ships have left, a small group of the offspring of the world's major leaders still remains on Earth until they happen upon a strange spaceship in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. After journeying in space for 13 years, it is up to the Chosen Children to decide the fate of humanity before It Will All End At Fourteen! It Will All End At Fourteen is a 4-hour silly distopian future LARP that takes place aboard the mysterious T-Rex-shaped space ship. It is loosely based on the manga Fourteen by renowned author Kazuo Umezu. This LARP is an alpha run written by Kathryn DiPippo with 18+ themes but no 18+ game mechanics.
13-player maximum