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Larp: Edge of Humanity

by Peter Flade and Jenny Blanchard The SSM Wonder is the crown jewel of humanity’s research stations. For decades it, and the scientists stationed on it, have been advancing the boundaries of human knowledge, pushing the envelope on what was previously thought to be impossible. Breakthroughs in quantum physics, deeper understandings of dark matter, and marvels of modern medicine all owe their existence to the Wonder. Now, she has been stationed further out than ever before, at the edge of known space. The Wonder and her crew sit on the fringes of a nebula of most unusual properties. So unusual, in fact, that they defy all known models of astrophysics. An unprecedented nebula event of truly stellar proportions is expected within the next few days, and all of humanity waits with baited breath to see what the small crew of the Wonder, and the civilian scientists on board, will discover… Edge of Humanity is a six player, four hour long science fiction LARP. This game focuses on character development and roleplaying, and does include romance. As every character’s gender is determined by their player’s preferred gender, any and all romantic combinations are possible.
6-player maximum