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Larp: The Sun Rises Over Agua Dulce

Somebody shot the sheriff, and this town ain’t big enough for deputies. This town is a shit hole in a radiation-bathed wasteland, where water is in short supply. So the Beauregards dug a well, looking for water. Instead they found gold. Black gold. One of the Carroll brats ratted us out to the megacorps, and it didn’t take long before they descended on the place like a swarm of Caltronics Surveillance Buzzards. Everyone knows Caltronics wants the oil as raw material to build more augs. Rey Farmacéutico probably wants it for some wacko new drug. And Dominion-Westinghouse? We don’t rightly know what they want it for, and you can bet they won’t tell you. *twitch* Sorry, my neural implant’s acting up. I’d better go get it checked out by that outsider lady who married into the Washingtons. What with tensions running high round here, gotta make sure it’s in prime condition, in case someone gets it in their head to shoot me and leave my body for the vampire lizards. Better get goin’. Feel free to make yourself at home. As best you can, anyway. Welcome to Agua Dulce, you poor bastard.
The Sun Rises Over Agua Dulce is a 3-day game set in post-apocalyptic Texas.
34 players