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Larp: Shebopaleileigh

Shebopaleileigh is a real-world, high-character, low-plot dramedy for nine theatrical LARPers and three improv comedians, soaked with caffeine and desperation. Because everybody needs a good laugh during finals.
Northumber College, Canaan, Vermont. It's halfway through December, and your overdue final projects are piled up as thick as the snow outside your window. The cold light of dawn looks pretty through the pine trees, sure, but this will probably be the third late night in a row. All the same, you're pulling your boots out from the wet pile in the lobby of your dorm and shrugging into your coat, because you just heard that the famous traveling Shebopaleileigh Improv Troupe has come round to the campus. A last-minute sort of thing, sure, because Jack Kissinger's play was supposed to go up tonight, but nobody else could pull it together after he died. But Shebop's worth the freezing walk, another chug of Diet Rockstar and rum, and a few hours of your time.
12 players