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Larp: The Team


Night, blizzard. Your team has tracked down vampire nests for years. The last one left you decimated, terrified. Suspicious. You wait for dawn and another nest. But does everyone want you to live? Dutch Harbor, AK. You are part of The Team--a multinational, well-funded, privately run team of hunters. Vampire hunters. You find them in their nests. Kill them. But the last nest decimated The Team, left you terrified, shell-shocked. And suspicious. It seemed like they were waiting for you. Knew you were coming. Is there a traitor in your midst? It's almost unbelievable. Now you wait off the coast of this small Alaskan island, floating on a fishing boat in a blizzard. Waiting for the dawn. For there is another nest to destroy, here in the cold and ice. Innocent people to save. But will this nest be waiting for you too? Will you live to see the dawn?

By Thomas Javoroski, Maris Rence (BYOV)

36-player maximum