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Larp: The Treaty of Pallas


The Treaty of Pallas, a night of passion and politics for eighteen players, is a fan-LARP based on The Vision of Escaflowne. Knowledge of the series is not required for most players, so it's accessible to anybody interested in a character-driven, low-magic, fantasy political LARP.


It is the Year of the Sun Northwest in the world of Gaea, a land of beasts and dragons, cradled by the heavens and loved by the earth. Tonight, on the eve of the orange month of summer, kings and princes, ambassadors and warriors, have come from many countries to meet in the splendid city of Pallas and negotiate the final settlements of grief, loss, bloodshed, and revenge. For, less than a year ago, the Fate War ravaged the continent. The northern country of Zaibach, under the leadership of her mysterious emperor, began a ruthless campaign of expansion, powered by military technology of a destructiveness Gaea had never known. Zaibach was finally defeated by an unsteady alliance of neighboring countries, but not before catastrophic loss and atrocities on both sides.

Tonight, on the eve of the negotiations, old grievances will be aired, new alliances forged, and unexpected friendships made. Perhaps war will loom yet again; perhaps new enemies are yet to be discovered; but perhaps Gaea will finally find peace.

18 players