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Larp: The Great Chicago Fire: A Bicentennial Bash

Oct. 8 2071. The opening party for the Chicago Fire Museum! View relics, rarities & artifacts from another time. Some say the museum is cursed, but you sense opportunity! On the 200th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire, the Friends & Family of the Chicago Fire Foundation invite esteemed guests to the official Museum ribbon cutting and the bicentennial bash inside the main gallery of the Museum. Society buzz suggests that this promises to be an event that goes down in history! Besides, this museum opening is quite an accomplishment - over the past two centuries many attempts have been made to build this museum, but all those attempts have failed. Rumors persist that the museum is cursed, but most people that that is silly. What is the real reason all previous attempts to open this museum have failed? Will this opening be a success? By Maris Rence, Caren Linn (BYOV)
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