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Larp: The Dome: Reaching for the Sky

Nuclear war sent society into the sea, where bubble domes promised peace. Discovering the mutants shattered that; now folks want to explore Up Top to see what else is hiding. Role-playing stressed. It’s 2070. Forty-nine years ago the president threatened a nuclear Cleanse for the True Religion. Forty-seven years ago, he delivered. In the interim, nuclear-safe domes were developed for life in the deep sea, allowing a fraction of society to survive in peace. Three years ago, mysterious beasts rose from the abyss. Nuclear mutations had been passed down through generations, and some of those affected - now known as the Mers - took to the water. A power-hungry government in the dome city Trident began using the mutations to engineer superior humans - the Tels - and the scandal left significant political backlash. Today, some folks want to explore Up Top to see what truly happened after the Cleanse. Others wish to remain in the domes, clinging to the idea of a paradise that was lost three years ago. The Mers and Tels are getting their own ideas. Role-playing and problem solving stressed. By Katie Huddlestonsmith (Infinite Imaginations, Inc.)
25-player maximum