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Larp: Ghostbusters Annual Meeting and Keynote Address


It's been over 30 years since the Ghostbusters was started. Business is booming! With 4 regional franchises, it's important to get together now and then to discuss what you're up against.

It's time for the Ghostbusters Annual Meeting; a time to swap stories and theorize about free roaming vapors. There's lots to celebrate. There are now four regional franchises, and a Middle Eastern franchise is in the works. It seems the world is starting to take the Ghostbusters seriously.. Even still the world of Ghostbusting has also gotten complicated in the last thirty years. Not everyone thinks ghosts are simply nuisances to destroy or contain. Government regulation threatens to put the company out of business. On top of all this, Peter and Winston have recently retired, leaving some holes in the leadership. And Egon, poor Egon. Can the Ghostbusters and their sponsors turn a profit in these tumultuous times? Costumes encouraged but never required.

By Matt Schillinger, Katie Huddlestonsmith (It's A Bard Knock Life Productions)

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