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Larp: The Best of Times: The Fall of Camelot

Forces of men and magic assail a small island of justice, carved from the mythic wilds of the British Isles: a kingdom known as Camelot. Will the patrons of a mysterious tavern bring aid, or ruin? It was a shining beacon in the chaos of war and colliding worlds. The Romans have returned to their crumbling Rome, and Britons are free to make their own way. Camelot was to lead them. Arthur gathered the most righteous and noble, carving out a kingdom of peace. But all is threatened. Saxons from the East have set their sights on Britain, as have raiding Danes from the North. And rumors whisper of the lost land of Avalon discovered once more, and powerful enmities reignited. But all is quiet in the tavern known as The Best of Times. The question is whether it will stay that way. The tavern is not always to be found, and not always where you left it. It attracts those from far-off lands, those with secrets to keep…and those with agendas. Will its appearance in Camelot bring ruin, or salvation? Costumes encouraged but not required, character selection available after ticket purchase. By Ed Allen, Thomas Javoroski (BYOV)
24-player maximum