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Larp: Missing Magic

  1. A world of privilege for the rich, misery for the rest. The muses are gone, the great ideas had. We are left with old recordings and sorry imitations. Who can bring back a lost world of wonder?

The last slayer was called over a hundred years ago, demons have been banished from earth due to some unknown plane, and technology rules all. This is the story that has been pedaled for the last 100 years, and only a few people know the truth. Magic was once alive and well on earth, monsters and demons were fought with good magic. This all vanished when the magic left this world and there is only one chance to bring it back. Hidden in a rundown camp of the once strong freedom fighters tonight is the one chance to bring back a lost world of wonder, and for some, the one chance to keep magic out of this world forever. Characters inspired by TV Fandoms including Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and Charmed. Costumes encouraged but not required, character selection available after ticket purchase.

By Kristina Monty, Maris Rence, Caren Linn (BYOV)

24-player maximum