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Larp: It Came from the B-movie Backlot

A movie studio in rocky times attempts to salvage their latest horror picture. Hopefuls look to audition for the show & others seek tinsel town fame. Hollywood CA ’94-Foreign investors buy a movie studio with a rocky past and are trying to save a horror film in progress by turning it into a bankable B--Movie classic! Production continues on a historic movie lot cursed by decades of flops, scandals and unexplained accidents. Industry buzz builds as an expensive looking House is revealed as the new movie set, but strangely seems to appear overnight. A big budget movie seems risky, but failure is an alien concept to this Production Company; they believe that Notorious Location + Eclectic Cast+ Young Director= Money Making Magic! Most of the original talent was retained, but some roles must be recast. For one night only, hopefuls with head shots are invited to an open audition and ambitious skilled creatives are welcome to interview for crew vacancies (experience working with monstrous personalities is a plus). By Caren Linn, Maris Rence (BYOV)
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