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Larp: Game of Thrones: Fire & Blood

2 claimants seek the Iron Throne & every noble must choose. Win. Or die. Join us for the climactic 3rd chapter of our story. Costuming & heavy role playing STRONGLY suggested. Kings Landing still burns. All of Westeros has erupted in open war. Houses are seeing their land and people put to the torch, or to the dragon. Bannermen are turning on their Lords. The Red Cult grows, even as the High Septon calls for an Inquisition. Spies are being executed in every city. And yet, there are plans. Schemes. Will this civil war end in one side's annihilation, or a brokered truce? One thing is certain: in the end, only one can win this Game of Thrones. Join us for our climactic 3rd chapter of one of the most popular larps at Gencon. Costuming and heavy role playing STRONGLY suggested. By (Iocane Productions)
50-player maximum