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Larp: In the Jungle

gothiklezmer and Wordsmith
Wandering dreamers Cracked out screamers No longer working working-poor Washed-up dried out high class whore Toasting fortune, that bloody liar Camped around the jungle fire Misty got some coffee. Rich got some stew bones. There’s an onion, a carrot, a handful of barley, and, of course, a splash of wine. Tonight, we feast! Then the flasks pass around and everyone has a story to tell. Here’s the underside. Some people are crazy. Some saw things they couldn’t take and some did things they couldn’t take. Some are dreamers that walked out on the world, and some are just poor people the world walked out on. In the Jungle is a high character, low plot storytelling game that takes place around a hobo campfire.
6 to 12 players