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Larp: Danger Zone: Crossing the Streams

by Eric Wirtanen *slap!* “Ah!” “What the hell, Lana? You don’t wake up someone with a hangover that way.” *blinks eyes open* “Uh … you’re not Lana. Who are you?” “Patty. Lana said this was the best way to wake you up. Also, you don’t have a hangover. … okay, you may also have a hangover. But mostly, you were possessed. We all were.” “Possessed? I don’t … wait, why did someone write on the walls in blood?” Patty shakes her head. “I find it best not to ask questions like that.” Welcome to Danger Zone: Crossing the Streams, a mashup of Archer and Ghostbusters. Characters will be drawn from both sources and thrown into a situation together where they are all waking from a recent possession. This game will be using a Ghost Loop mechanic that I first used in Star-crossed. It is a mechanic through which players will act out flashback-like scenes which will help them remember how they got where they are. Expect a game of the supernatural, some espionage, lots of bickering and general dysfunction. This game is 18+. This game is based on episodes of Archer, and the content will reflect this in tone and content.
13-player maximum