Fire in Cambria
@ 9 a.m.

Intercon Q, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI


by Katie Giacomini and Eva Schiffer

Once upon a time...

At a manor house in the south of Cambria, a group of young royals have gathered. The newly crowned king of Kendridge is being met by the Crown Prince and Princess of Cambria to begin a goodwill tour. A Princess of Norland has been visiting in Cambria and her brother has arrived to escort her home. The formal greetings and ceremonial dinner went well and everyone retired to bed in good humor.

This peace was shattered when these illustrious visitors (and their retinues) were awakened in the dead of night by a fire in the guest quarters. Everyone was evacuated safely to a different wing of the house, but now the bedraggled Princess Poppy has arrived unannounced, and perhaps there is more to the fire than a simple accident after all. Sinister motives and possibly some happy endings await to be untangled.

Fire in Cambria is a fairy-tale themed, theater-style, role-playing- heavy, and mechanics- light LARP. There will be politics, plots, manipulations, secrets of varying sizes and shapes (even a secret identity or two), unrequited love, family struggles, and possibly some fairy-tale magic!

This game takes place 25 years after the events of The Princess of Norland. No knowledge of the The Princess of Norland is required to play.