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Larp: Primal Spirits


by Anandi Gandolfi, Andy Kirschbaum

It is the Dawn of the world. The age of myth and totems. The spirits of the Animals are newly emerged from the Great Mystery that came before. Now they come together at the base of the tree of the world to decide who and what they will be in the time that will come after.

Who will follow the way of the Trickster? Who will Follow way of Wisdom? Protector? Leader?

And when all have gone forth into the world from under the protected boughs of the tree what stories will go with them into the world?

A blending of the animal myths and shamanistic traditions of many world cultures. Emphasizing the deeper and more serious aspects of these.

A theater style light mechanic LARP, 18 plus. Exploring the Ideas of beginnings, stories, and teaching myths.

26 to 30 players