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Larp: ...Even Miracles

By Katherine (Kath) Bryant and Erika (Eeeeka) Emrick
"If you love someone enough, anything is possible...even miracles." In the year 1746, the village of Brigadoon vanished from the highlands of Scotland, hidden away by a miracle, to reappear only one day each century. No one could leave, but they were safe from the witches and other dangers of the outside world. In the year 1946, two American hunters stumbled into the village on that one day. One fell in love with a local girl, and that love was powerful enough to bring him into Brigadoon's spell. That day was not without costs, though, as one young man, heartbroken and lonely, tried to leave and was killed in the process. It is now the year 2146, a Sunday, the fourth day of the miracle inside the village and 400 years later outside. Life goes on in the village as it always has. The young American and his village bride will be married tomorrow. Everything seems perfect... ...but then the villagers discover that their miracle was never meant to be permanent. It will end tonight, and they must decide what to do. Do they rejoin the outside world, a world changed beyond recognition even for the American? Do they try for another miracle, knowing that it will have a price? Is Brigadoon even worth saving? And what will become of two new strangers who come upon the village on this day of all days? Even miracles end. The question is, what comes next? --- This LARP is inspired by the Lerner and Loewe musical "Brigadoon." No knowledge of the original musical is required; we'll provide the key backstory to players. (There is no singing required, either.) There will be minimal mechanics; the focus is on roleplay among the characters. Most characters are residents of the village (or, in one case, the American who arrived two days/200 years earlier and became a resident); there are two characters from 2146. The world of 2146 is intended as a realistic-to-optimistic extrapolation from the current world, neither a science fiction utopia nor a postapocalyptic dystopia. 18+ preferred; mature 16+ ok. Some characters have deaths of loved ones in their pasts, but no sexual violence or similar issues. Some characters have strong Christian beliefs, and there may be conflict around them.
13 players