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Larp: Gods of Lesser Things

by Josh Marcus, Erin Boucher Gods have watched over and, some say, occasionally interfered in the realm of mankind for at least as long as belief, prayer, and worship have existed. This much is apparent to the casual student of divinity. What few know and even fewer understand is to what degree the gods take interest not only in the grand domains like love, war, knowledge, and the forces of nature, but in the minutiae of existence. The mundane, day-to-day machinations of being prop up the influence of a different class of the divine: the gods of lesser things. More akin to mortal humans than immortal deities, many of these gods must struggle for influence as the march of progress threatens to render their domains obsolete. They must make difficult choices on their paths to remembrance or renown. But when the God of Lost Causes, a middle-manager of sorts in the hierarchy of the holy, steps down, a unique opportunity presents itself for those who may improve their station. Prospective candidates for the title of God of Lost Causes have gathered to reflect on this development, discuss their respective futures, and negotiate their best way forward. Gods of Lesser Things is a mechanics-light, introspective LARP designed to explore the notions of power, self-worth, self-determination, and the importance of often-overlooked aspects of daily life. Interconnectivity of characters is based on spheres of influence rather than personal attachments. There is room for deep discussions alongside levity as personalities and aspirations collide.
8 to 12 players