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Larp: Morningstar, Texas


by Dave Agnew and Martin Clyde

Morningstar, Texas. December 21st, 1931. The longest night of the year.

Every seven years, on this night, for as long as everyone can remember, no one sleeps, and no one goes outside. No one really remembers why - or at least, no one admits to it. All they know is that now, on the winter solstice, the entire town - and some strangers, there’s always strangers - spends all night holed up in the Tavern. The windows are boarded up and the lights are turned down low.

As darkness falls, memories resurface and old ghosts come back to haunt the guilty...

Morningstar, Texas is a Southern Gothic Horror game for 20 players, written by Dave Agnew and Martin Clyde.

20-player maximum