Refuge, The Boat
@ 10 a.m.
RPI, Troy, NY, USA

Run at Time Bubble 2017


by Thomas Wohlers

"War. Oppression. Disaster.

Throughout history, these things have plagued humanity, driving untold numbers of refugees from their homes in search of respite from their suffering.

You are one of that great countless number. And you are fortunate, for you have found a way out.

There is a ship, a ship which exists outside of time and space, which travels by its own mysterious will for one purpose: to save the fortunate few it selects as passengers from the dire fates that await them in their own time and place, and bring them to a new home, where they can be safe.

And so it is that the group of you, most having never met, from many different times and place, fleeing from all manner of nightmares, became its latest batch of passengers. And as it approaches its destination, you try to think what your new home might be like, and how you will live there.

But as you all struggle to come to terms with the prospect of your new life, with what has happened to you, and with each other, there is one inescapable fact with which you must also deal with: the good ship Refuge is dying.

And soon there will not be enough room left aboard her for all.

Content warning: all characters are refugees from horrible situations. They've all had trauma inflicted upon them, several have inflicted trauma upon others. Due to the pervasive nature of this, listing specific content warnings would be almost impossibly long. Game will involve about a third of the characters dying, beginning about halfway into game, with musical chairs being used as a mechanic to determine which characters will die. 16+ or with permission."